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Providing ERP with cloud-based web and mobile applications and distributing them on a SaaS basis for MSME needs.

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Here is Why We Are Better

Why are we so confident? Because we, have things that you have to try.

Quick Access

Data rate of 1000Mbit/s with 10 cores CPU and 60 GB RAM installed to maximize your traffic rate, so don't worry about slow data processing.

Real-Time Interaction

With the chat feature, users can interact with each other in real-time, allowing for instant responses to questions and inquiries. This can enhance the user experience and increase engagement.

Issue Centre Tracking

The issue ticket feature allows users to report and track issues in a structured way. This can help identify trends and patterns in issues, making it easier to resolve them quickly and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Device Accessibility

We designed our systems to work across all the hardware that many people have today, including iOS, Android, and laptops/PCs.

Customer's private hosting server

Have priority to our customers which means we give our customers a private hosting server free of charge for data security and as a token of our appreciation for working with us.


We also innovate in integration with many vendors to facilitate services between our systems such as simplifying payment processing between banks, e-commerce, and other integrations.

Storage & Backup

Not stingy about providing our customers with sufficient storage for their business needs. We provide 256GB of storage for the first year subscriptions.

Secure and safe

Don't have to worry about the data they store on our platform, because we have 256bit security encryption and we work closely with Comodo SSL for more secure URL traffic.

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Add New Service To Meet Better Customer Needs

Provide a more effective business system in various industries from manufacturing, retails, education, health - care, professional services, and many other industries.

  • Optimizing your business operational system: simplifying various operational activities that takes time and effort such as checking inventory, monitoring working hours, payroll, and making financial reports.

  • Reducing operational costs: by reducing time and resources, you can avoid disruptions, obstacles, and breakdowns through the process of automation.

  • A more effective collaboration process: our system helps with centralizing all data. Which means more effective time and more flexible access to data collaboration between each department

Powerful Services In One Package Application

Boxity system provides several modules within our software system including Warehouse Management System, HR Management System, E-commerce System, Hotel Reservation System, and Payroll System. All benefits are available with one installation of our system in your company.

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This is a place where your business can find a way to be faster, cheaper, and agile. Full access to ERP system and full report analytic design only for your business.

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