Create a mini-website before your coffee gets cold.

Website that focuses on business-exclusive purposes such as promotions, business contact information, and links to client markets.

Why you should use Semplice?

Simple and light

The version of the website has a very mini size, so it can be accessed very quickly by anyone globally.

Powerful development

An anti-complicated process. So the microsite development can be done in less than 10 minutes. Stay powerful in terms of functionality like a complex website.

Free maintenance

Create a micro/mini version of the website, no maintenance is required. You just focus on developing your business strategy.

Friendly and professional technical support

Have a problem with your website? Contact us anytime! Boxity's professional team is ready to help provide solutions to your problems.

Our integrated modules are ready to help your business maximized.

Accelerate your business development through integration between systems that will bring convenience, practicality, and cost savings.


Classy features that are available

in every micro-site creation service package

Modern, and elegant
Unlimited social media links
Unlimited subdomain requests
Safe data backup

Landing page plans specially curated for your business

No credit card required. Call, discuss, and apply.

Premium Plan
IDR 50rb /month Contact our sales
  •  Unlimited link

  •  Social icon

  •  Custom theme

  •  Promotion banner

Exclusive Plan
IDR 100rb /Month Contact our sales
  •  Unlimited link

  •  Social icon

  •  QR Code

  •  Custom theme

  •  Promotion banner

  •  Google analytics

  •  Hide Boxity logo

Black card plan
IDR xxx /month Call us
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