About Us

Boxity (PT Boxity Central Indonesia) is a technology company engaged in SaaS to build a system that integrates all business processes needed by MSME clients to run their business from planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and others.

We dream that every micro, small and medium enterprise in Indonesia can manage their business processes digitally to facilitate their growth. MSMEs had in mind when setting up Boxity so our Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) systems were built according to the typology and needs of the client. We are also committed to strengthening the capacity of our clients in every business process when using our system. In addition to system support, we are committed to enhancing our clients' capacity through online training materials in finance, warehouse management, staff management, and more. We will connect with other organizations for the provision of online training materials.

To realize this vision, Boxity developed various applications they needed, such as problem management, warehouse management, cashier applications, financial management, and human resource management.

Packaged in one good platform, Boxity is ready to be a friend for those of you who are difficult in managing your business.


What is our goals?

Our visions

We set envision every micro, small and medium enterprise being enabled to digitally manage their operation hence facilitating their business growth. Boxity has small business development in mind when founding the company. We build each system with our client’s typology and needs front and center in the process. One of our differentiating factors is our commitment to building the capacity of our small business clients in each of the business processes.

Mission Statement

We set a mission to build a robust yet nimble Enterprise Resource Planning System accessible for MSMEs at their fingertips. We believe that the world is going digital, and opportunities are no longer limited by physical borders. Likewise, to seize the economic opportunity in Indonesia’s business landscape, we believe MSME should be going digital in their operation.

Here is Why We Are Better

Why are we so confident? Because we, have things that you have to try.

Quick Access

Data rate of 1000Mbit/s with 10 cores CPU and 60 GB RAM installed to maximize your traffic rate, so don't worry about slow data processing.

Device Accessibility

We designed our systems to work across all the hardware that many people have today, including iOS, Android, and laptops/PCs.

Customer's private hosting server

Have priority to our customers which means we give our customers a private hosting server free of charge for data security and as a token of our appreciation for working with us.


We also innovate in integration with many vendors to facilitate services between our systems such as simplifying payment processing between banks, e-commerce, and other integrations.

Storage & Backup

Not stingy about providing our customers with sufficient storage for their business needs. We provide 256GB of storage for the first year subscriptions.

Secure and safe

Don't have to worry about the data they store on our platform, because we have 256bit security encryption and we work closely with Comodo SSL for more secure URL traffic.

Media and Learning Methods Varies

Media and how to learn SaaS or ERP systems in the form of face-to-face, online, and learning videos.

Community Support

Sharpen your SaaS/ERP system skills and insights into SaaS/ERP systems by joining our community of partners.

Our Marketing

Who can be suitable to use our products

  • MSMEs/Establised corporate that have a less than 2 Billion turnover per year and have a less than 100 Employees and vice versa.

  • Are concerned that they can no longer track the efforts of their growing team.

  • Have experienced an increase in business that no longer allows them to handle everything “in-house”.

  • Often keep stock in multiple warehouses in multiple geographic territories.

  • Often experience communication breakdowns between logistics, sales, and the customer.


Our Journey

from 2021, Jun 10 until 2023, Mar 24
Journey roadmap Boxity Central from 2021, Jun 10 until 2023, Mar 24
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